Our mission is to support people attracted to more than one gender and enhance the understanding, acceptance, inclusion and celebration of bisexuality and pansexuality in Australia.

Our Name


Bi+ is an inclusive term for people who are attracted to more than one gender regardless of how they identify, who they are intimate or not intimate with, and what degree of, or type of (romantic, sexual etc.), attraction they have for others. 


It was really important to us at Bi+ Australia that we included 'Australia' in our name to make it clear that our work covers the whole country. Our support service is offered entirely online to ensure that it is not only available to people in major cities but also to those living in rural and regional Australia.  


Why We Are Here

Bi+ Australia has been developed in direct response to the high rates of poor mental health in bi+ people.  ​

What We Do

Our aim is to improve the health and wellbeing of Australians who are attracted to more than one gender by:

  • providing direct one on one counselling support for bi+ people and people who are questioning their attraction/sexuality

  • improving understanding and acceptance of bi+ people within their immediate environment by providing one on one counselling support for partners, parents, family members and friends

  • improving the experience of bi+ people when accessing mainstream services by providing education for service providers

  • improving the understanding, acceptance, inclusion and celebration of bi+ Australians in the broader community through education and the availability of informed resources

  • increasing and improving knowledge relating to bi+ people by conducting, supporting and promoting high quality research and prioritising the dissemination of research findings to ensure that this knowledge is broadly shared.

Organisational Structure

Bi+ Australia is a self-funded social enterprise dedicated to improving the mental health of bi+ Australians. We rely entirely on income generated from our fee for service counselling and education packages to fund our organisation. 

Tel: 1300 664 238

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