Bisexual Inclusive Practice E-Learning Module

At Bi+ Australia we are very excited to launch our Bisexual Inclusive Practice E-Learning Module. This module is the first of its kind in the world and provides a valuable learning tool to equip both mainstream and specialist service providers with the knowledge they need to work inclusively with bisexual people. 

Who should complete this module?

The Bi+ Australia e-learning module is designed for anyone working with people and can be completed by anyone who is interested in learning more about bisexuality. It will be most valuable to service providers including social workers, medical and nursing professionals, teachers, counsellors, psychologists and others in community support roles. This module will be valuable to service providers both in Australia and internationally.

Why do service providers need to know about bisexuality?

Bisexuality is common in Western countries with approximately one in ten Australian adults reporting bisexual attraction and/or experience. Therefore, if you work with people, you work with bisexual people. Furthermore, poor mental health is highly prevalent among bisexual people, with bisexuals consistently found to experience significantly poorer mental health than other sexual orientation groups. Bisexual people face specific challenges and have particular needs that are different from lesbian, gay or heterosexual people. In addition, bisexual people often report not feeling safe to disclose their bisexuality to service providers and frequently report feeling that service providers are not knowledgeable about working with bisexual people. If we are to improve the mental health of bisexual people, we must upskill our service providers to ensure bisexual people have access to inclusive services provided by competent and knowledgeable professionals. 

What topics are covered in the module?

The Bisexual Inclusive Practice E-Learning Module provides a brief overview of the key concepts required to work effectively with bisexual people including bisexual labels and definitions, quick facts, mental health, common challenges for bisexual people and how to work inclusively with bi+ people. The module delivers written content and tests knowledge using interactive quizzes and real world scenarios. All content has been written by our highly qualified and skilled course developers and is consistent with current research and best-practice knowledge relating to bisexuality. To build on the knowledge gained in this module and to cover these topics and others in more depth we can deliver group workshops in your workplace and you can also sign up to be notified when our longer courses become available.

How long will the module take to complete?

Approximately 40 minutes.

Can I get a certificate of completion for my CV?

Yes! Once you have completed the module you can enter your details to have a personalised certificate sent to your email address.

What is the cost?

At Bi+ Australia we are dedicated to ensuring a better future for bisexual people so we aim to keep our education fees as low as possible. Our e-learning module is available at a cost of $20AUD. Group discounts are available. If you have a team of people wanting to complete this module please fill in  the below form or contact us for further details.

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