Bi+ Australia are thrilled to be partnering with La Trobe University, Curtin University, beyondblue, Thorne Harbour Health and CORES Australia to conduct The Story of Us project. This study will be conducted in 2019 and aims to delve deeper into the new research finding that bisexual people in intimate relationships with different-sex partners experience poorer mental health. This newly identified phenomenon undermines the commonly held assumption that bisexual people in heterosexual relationships experience a form of 'heterosexual privilege' and therefore should experience better mental health than those in same-sex relationships as their experiences of 'minority stress' should, theoretically, be less. The Story of Us project seeks to explore the experiences of bisexual people currently in 'heterosexual' relationships to shed light on what challenges might be being experienced by this group that may be impacting on their mental wellbeing. This is important new research which seeks to gain an understanding of a large group of people who are often invisible in society and whom previous research has largely ignored. This much needed research is funded by La Trobe University. Bi+ Australia are proud to be part of the collaborating team for this project.

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